Silver Jewelry

Since ancient times, silver has been prized for its rich luster and lovely malleability, making it the perfect metal for jewelry worthy of becoming heirlooms. Imbuing the wearer with its classic elegance, silver jewelry has the regal beauty befitting its stature. Indeed, its original rarity enhanced silver’s allure, establishing it as among the most highly treasured throughout the world. Today, it is these qualities of silver, meticulously wrought into jewelry that bespeaks works of art, for which we are so well known and respected.

Purveyors of only the finest silver jewelry, we offer a splendid array of pieces, from necklaces and pendants, to rings, bracelets and earrings. Whether it is the graceful charm of a simple, pristine pendant suspended from a delicate silver chain or the Old World sophistication of an ornate marcasite bracelet set in sterling silver, our jewelry augurs well for the excellence of its craftsmanship and the refined taste of those who purchase it.

Moreover, our selection of silver set with softly glowing pearls or semi-precious stones — from the beautiful violet tones of amethyst to the majestic red of garnets — adds an element of distinction to any jewelry wardrobe. Adding to the range of singularly pretty styles, our silver and turquoise pieces offer cultural flair that is a very nice complement to contemporary fashions. Simply put, our silver jewelry sets a sublime standard.

Birthdays, anniversaries, or any gala celebrations — festive occasions that call for a gift are ideal times for a gift of jewelry, particularly jewelry designed of sterling silver. It makes the recipient feel special. In fact, there is hardly a better way to enjoy a bit of self- indulgence than to select a chic silver item for yourself. Who doesn’t deserve something this wonderful from time to time?

Our knowledgeable experts are happy to offer their professional assistance. With careful attention to detail, they offer skilled customer service to make your shopping experience a pleasure.

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