Sterling Silver Jewelry Storage and Tarnish Prevention

A little known fact is that the parties pound of silver jewelry that are not worn for extended periods can corrode and appannarsi as well. Then, storage silver jewelry is a critical component to prevent corrosion and appannamento. What follows some simple rules, you can conservarti hours cleaning and keep your jewelry of silver sterling bright and beautiful for years. Understanding why appannamento of TarnishesThe jewelry of silver jewelry of silver on sterling pound is the result of reactions ossidative with sulphur, such as hydrogen sulphide, air and in the environment (nickel or copper alloy in most sterling silver also suffers its own reactions ossidative). Corrosion of silver has combined with sulfur generates the scurimento cited as appannamento. Consequently, you have to ensure that your jewelry are clean and dry before storing; from any moisture, dirt, oils or other chemicals residue will accelerate the appannamento. Containers for the container silver StorageA terminating outside air is preferable, the reduction of contact with air delaying corrosion. The most common family with this feature are bags of zip lock, or any other close air bag with surfaces antiabrasive, such as those made of polyethylene or Mylar. Avoid plastic bags polivinilici however, as have chemical residues that promote appannarsi. If the € ™ of the youâ with reference to want to spend extra deposits of jewelry carrying bags and boxes specialised help to avoid appannamento. Nell’immagazzinare, better than the € ™ s itâ to keep the jewelry in bags separate, from other hardwoods that can scratch the surface of your ™ s € of jewelryâ. Places for storing areas of excessively humid pound of silver JewelryAvoid, areas with direct sunlight and other places where the jewels could polish up against other articles. Do not store the jewelry directly on surfaces chemically treated, against which the upper parts of wood, because they contain chemicals that can promote appannamento of your sterling silver. Other tools that help to prevent the appannamento on plaster of silver sterling Jewelry1) – an old remedy to prevent the appannamento, just store the chalk in your container or container of jewelry and of course will absorb the chemical residues) in the “antiappannamento of  € of stripes air.2 sold in many places, these strips are usually made from non-toxic materials that absorb appannamento causing agents) in the “antiappannamento of the â € air.3 of clothes similar to the strips, these clothes chemically treated or are saturated with traces of silver, both absorb the sulphur and other harsh chemicals) in packages of silicone air.4 “of that of â € that the wraps are small bottles of medicine and containers among other skid seats. Very useful in absorbing moisture in the air, gettili in your jewelry containers instead of the waste; ll of the € ™ of the youâ be impedicendo is the appannamento and is recycling as well. Learn more about the jewelry of silver sterling visiting the import and wholesale center of knowledge of the wholesale jewelry trade in Asia, where you ‘ll find the one selection varied and unique jewelry such wholesale sterling silver, precious stones, pearl, jade and much more, all at a low cost and imported directly from suppliers worldwide. Working with suppliers and retailers to draw up new designs fresh and cutting-edge, wholesale trade aid of Asia gets a board above competition and increases their lines below. Note: This article may be freely distributed if all meet, author info and links remain identically.

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