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Silver Jewelry is your one-stop-shop for all things Southwest and Native American jewelry related. We have the best sources for finding your next piece and we’ll even show you how to properly take care of these fabulous works of art!

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Native American Turquoise Jewelry is a one-stop blog for all your needs. I like to post about the latest Native American and Southwestern fashion trends as they happen. I also like to educate the general public on some aspects of Native American culture.


Gemstones are my passion, as a former geology student, and I’ve dedicated my time to collecting beautiful pieces that combine these natural resources with the artistry and ingenuity of human beings.


For the benefit of those that read my page and like what I do, I try to give people general tips on how to care and manage their jewelry as well. I would like to thank you in advance for coming to my site and seeing what I have to offer on the subject of gemstones and jewelry. Take a look around, I think you’ll like it